Review: Majestic (Revisited) – Kari Jobe

If you are familiar with worship music at all, you will most likely be familiar with Kari Jobe. She is one of the most well-known worship leaders of our generation. Kari Jobe recently released her hit album Majestic but with a different twist—Majestic (Revisited) is all the same songs that the original Majestic album had but these songs are amped up and bring us a whole new feel.


One thing that is for sure about Kari Jobe: her lyrics are always full of truth and realness. Majestic (Revisited) brings us the incredibly powerful worship songs we may have known and loved from Majestic, but with a fun synthesizer and almost techno feel. The arrangements of these songs give them a new modern feel.

While the songs are remixed, the one highlight through every song is Kari Jobe’s strong and beautiful voice. The songs do offer music breaks that hold a very modern and synthesized feel, but center stage in every song is Jobe’s voice and the lyrics that are the true heart of the song.

This album is great for people searching for modern sounding worship music or worship music that is a little more exciting for daily listening throughout the day. While they hold the same lyrics that make these songs such popular worship songs, this album is much more “car dancing friendly” than some worship music.

“Only Your Love” offers listeners a fun upbeat song that could result in some dancing. This song is a great work out, driving around, or dancing in the joy of the Lord. The excitement and beat builds all through the song.

When you are searching for a solemn and heartfelt worship song, Majestic (Revisited) has songs for you. Songs “Forever” and “I Am Not Alone” offer melodic harmonies and a soft new twist to the original songs.

The greatest thing about this album is that it incorporates Kari Jobe’s strong voice, heartfelt lyrics, and new, exciting versions of songs many have grown to love. Majestic (Revisited) is a reminder that worship music does not have to be just slow guitar and piano music. Worship music is about the lyrics and the heart of the song. This album is an example of worship music that can be exciting and different but still completely centered on what worship is all about.

Kari Jobe’s album is available on her website, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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