Rookie Mistakes

Chris Denning has a warning and some advice for new worship leaders:

Being the new guy isn’t easy. This couldn’t be more true that for Worship Leaders in a new position or church. New Worship Leaders have to contend with “they way things have always been” as well as building relational equity with team members, staff members, and especially the congregation.

I’ve been the New Guy 3 different times in my life, and each situation was vastly different. In each situation, I found that the first 3 months were the most pivotal in dictating the tone and direction of my leadership there. I don’t think I’m a special case, and that every new Worship Leader’s first 3 months are incredibly important.

We can all appreciate the importance of a good start, and in looking back at my time being the new guy, I’ve identified several things I could & should have done differently. Today, I want to share with you three mistakes that new Worship Leaders might be tempted to make, so that you can avoid those hurdles and have an awesome start in your new spot!

Click here to read about the three rookie mistakes that many worship leaders make. Good stuff.

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