Six Areas For Worship Leaders To Improve

Jed Smith lists six things that every worship leader can do to get better at leading worship:

Continual improvement is a quality of every successful leader. This explains why the phrase ‘leaders are readers’ is so popular. And look at you, here reading this post, making this phrase ring true in your life as well.

So, let’s discuss six ways to become a better worship leader.

This one really jumped out at me. This can be scary for a lot of worship leaders:

Equip the worship team to lead without you.

It is often said that the sign of a good leader is when their team can operate well without their presence. It is no different for worship leaders. So, let me ask, what would happen if you didn’t show up for a few Sundays? Would worship be just as good as when you are there?

Check out the whole list here. Some good things to work on.

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