The Center Of Your Worship

Mike Cosper on the poison of celebrity culture and idolatry in the church:

In other cases—and I think this is just as common—we flock to celebrity pastors and worship leaders because they represent the piety, passion, and faith we wish we had ourselves. The worship of celebrities is endemic to our culture, and Christians can absorb and practice it without even realizing they’re doing it. Thus it’s just as easy to worship Joel Osteen, whose actions seem to invite it, as it is to worship John Piper or Tim Keller, who most certainly don’t. They’re worshiped—as are countless other local pastors—because we’re primed to think that people on platforms embody our hopes and ideals.

Ultimately, this worship leads to disappointment and frustration.

If the center of worship isn’t Jesus, you’re doing it wrong. Please read Mike’s full post here. It’s excellent.

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