The Changing Worship Landscape

Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra shares some stats and figures about the changing landscape of worship in the United States:

Out: Organs, bulletins, and choirs.

In: Spoken amens, raising hands during worship, and using projection equipment for song lyrics and sermon notes.

This change to the American church is deeper than just a formality swap, said the authors of the latest National Congregations Study (NCS).

Instead, it’s part of a “decades-long trend in American religion away from an emphasis on belief and doctrine and toward an emphasis on experience, emotion, and the search for a least-common-denominator kind of worship in a time of ever less salient denominationally specific liturgical and theological content,” wrote the authors of the latest wave of the three-part NCS, one of the most rigorous surveys of local religious congregations in the US.

There’s some positive information in this article suggesting that congregations may be fighting less over worship. That’s good news. Read the whole thing here.

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