The Preparation Policy

Jon Nicol explains an important document you need before you try to lead your team:

I used to get angry when my team came in unprepared:

”Slackers. They’re all a bunch of apathetic slackers.”

Eventually I learned that I was the leader. And I was supposed to lead. And this was an issue that required leadership. (I can be a little slow on the uptake sometimes.)

One of the big issues I discovered was that I really DIDN’T have a team full of slackers. But I had a culture where slacking was acceptable. Changing that culture wasn’t easy. And keeping it from sliding back to that culture isn’t easier, either.

Jon explains how to avoid having a constantly unprepared team by creating and enforcing a preparation policy.

He also lists five steps you should take to craft your own preparation policy. Check it out here. Really good advice.

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