Three Aspects Of Kingdom Worship

BJ Pridham of Planetshakers shares three things that should characterize our times of worship:

The preaching had ended, and the arena was full. The pastor walked onto the stage and the music team sat poised, ready like elite forces eager to take ground. The atmosphere was charged, pregnant with the presence of God. All eyes were on our fearless leader as the air is sucked out of the room, and God sat on our worship.

The next 20 minutes was an orchestration of worship that felt as though we had stepped out of an arena of 8,000 into the hallways of heaven…

I want to share with you three critical things I’ve observed being one of the praise and worship leaders at Planetshakers. I’m always learning, but I am so glad I have great “generals” as examples in my life.

Great things to keep in mind as we plan and execute worship services. Read the whole post here.

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