Three Keys To A Deeper Service

Mark J. Martin shares three simple things you can do to increase the impact of your worship services:

Ok, so most worship pastors don’t just flip open a hymnal and point. But we all could give more attention to the impact of a service as a whole.

You have probably been in a service where not much attention was given to the whole. You probably have led one. And in those services, I’m sure the music impacted you. The songs still have impact when not put together as a cohesive whole.

But, when we have not intentionally looked at the whole, we may have missed an opportunity.

The impact of individual songs in a service is strengthened when there is intentionality.

So, I ask you, how can you intentionally take a few simple steps to deepen this coming Sunday’s service?

This is great advice for anyone who plans services or selects music for worship. Check out the whole thing here.

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