Weekend Links

Weekend Links

Worship leaders, pastors, and everyone serving this weekend: know that I’m praying for you! I pray that God will bless you and stretch you and use you to grow His kingdom and expand His family.

As usual, I found lots of great links this week that I wanted to share with you but that didn’t quite fit into a post. When you get a few minutes this weekend, check them out and be encouraged and challenged. Maybe even learn something. 🙂

Remember, these are just excerpts, but I strongly encourage you to click through and read each post in its entirety.

Matt Brady lists two crucial skills for every worship leader:

As a worship leader, it can be easy to get caught up in the long and short of the details of worship music, song selection, ministry trends, church technology, and everything else.

I am as guilty as anyone else in letting all of the different details get in the way of focusing on the main task at hand when it comes to a Sunday morning or Wednesday night.

If we break it down to its most basic elements, the worship leader MUST be capable and willing to do two things.

Seth Putnam shares some thoughts on how much to invest in self-improvement versus helping your team improve:

How much attention do you spend on improving yourself as opposed to improving others? At one point, I’ve calculated that I’ve focused my time serving, equipping, and encouraging others about 80% of my week, while only averaging 20% on bettering myself. Sounds humble & godly but not very wise in the long run. I’ve become so wrapped up in the building of others that I’ve forgotten step one to longevity – keep myself built up…

Andy from Musicademy has some helpful advice on congregational singing range:

I can’t help but notice how many worship song album versions aren’t very suitable for small churches. So many songs are either too rangy for small congregations with octave leaps that leave either the men or the women stranded. Or when original album keys are too high I’ve heard so many worship leaders change a song into a key that works for their own voice but is still equally unsingable for the majority of the congregation. So here are some tips that may help make those anthemic songs a little more singable.

Brad Bridges explains some of the recent and current shifts in American church denominations:

Have you noticed some of the recent changes within denominations in the United States? It is fascinating to step back and observe the seismic shifts sweeping through many different circles. These trends aren’t bound to any one denomination or church group, but have been increasingly occurring year after year. As the culture changes and church leaders alter their methodology, these shifting denominational trends in the American church will likely continue to shift or pivot down the road.

While all this is occurring, I also notice a high degree of discomfort among church leaders as they wrestle with a few of these trends. Why is that?

Travis Brown’s advice on how to reach Millennials will probably reach more than just Millennials:

Many churches are struggling to appeal to Millennials. Generally speaking, Millennials are those who are born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. As a Millennial, I have witnessed the church’s efforts to attract me, keep me engaged, and stay relevant to my generation. It is my goal here to speak to this struggle firsthand from my research and personal experiences.

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