Why You Should Keep Making Mistakes

Jamie Brown explains why every worship leader needs an environment where it’s safe to mess up:

I could fill multiple pages of this blog with mistake after mistake that I’ve made when leading worship. Some very minor. Some enormous. Some that made me want to run out of the room and never come back. Some that no one noticed. But I’ve made a ton of them and will make a ton more.

I’m not perfect and never will be. Neither are you. You’re going to keep making mistakes when you lead worship and if you’re hoping to arrive at a point when your worship leading is flawless, you’re never going to be satisfied.

The only way to keep from making mistakes when you lead worship is to not get out of bed on Sunday morning. Really. You’re bound to make at least (at least!) one mistake every time you get up in front of people. And this is OK. This is normal. And this is good for us.

Great post. If you aren’t in a church that gives you the freedom to make some mistakes, you’re probably in the wrong place. Read the whole thing here.

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