Work On Your Music, Not Your Gear

Shalon Palmer reminds us why it’s so much more important to develop your musical skills than to pick up new gear:

If you’re like me, you’ve probably got all of the new pedals, amps, or guitars that you want this year, already picked out. And you’ll most likely move Heaven and Earth to get them. You’re probably already making plans about how you’re going to buy that sweet new pedal. (I’m speaking from experience).

Whether it’s working extra hours, skipping meals or coffee to save money, selling stuff off, holding your neighbors’ kids for ransom, nothing is going to stop you from that new (insert shiny new gear item here)!

Now let’s talk about your musical goals for the year… Do you you even have them?

If your goals are all about the gear and not improving your technique, there’s a problem. Read Shalon’s full post here.

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