Worship Leader, Cover Your Face

Allen Nelson explains why every worship leader should cover their face and hide, in a manner of speaking:

Look, we ought to do things well, don’t get me wrong. But I wonder what your church’s gathering would look like if you were more concerned about showing the congregants the holiness of God than you were about what you and your band looked and sounded like. If you were intentional about not singing songs describing what you or I do and instead sang more about who He is and what He has done. Holy, Holy, Holy.

So here’s my plea music leaders: would you work this week on getting out of the way? Dress well. Sing well. But also lead well by covering your face (in the figurative sense of course) and fading into the background. Let folks think in worship not how great a particular guitar or drum solo is or how many octives you can switch or how many “good ole time religion” songs you may sing, but rather let them think about how glorious, awesome, and holy the Lord God Almighty is.

This is really good advice for anyone who stands on the platform at church. Read the whole thing here.

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