Worship Tech Roundup

Worship Tech Roundup

As usual, this week I’ve come across a ton of great posts about the technical aspects of worship ministry. I didn’t have time to put each one into its own post, but I wanted to share them with you.

So here’s a collection of tech-related worship posts. Remember, these are just excerpts, but I strongly encourage you to click through and read each post in its entirety.

Maile Keone lists some options for assistive listening devices in houses of worship:

People with hearing loss should not have to give up feeling inspired during their weekly worship services.

Sound is important. It has the power to connect and inspire us. Being able to hear the things we love, like music and messages of inspiration, connects us to each other and helps to create more positive human experiences…

Assistive listening devices and systems are particularly important in public spaces, such as churches. Unlike hearing aids, which work well within limited distances, assistive listening devices help people with hearing loss focus on sound in larger, more public environments.

Chris Huff shares a roundup of the best and most interesting worship tech of 2015:

It’s time to look back at the trends, innovations, and overall audio gear that’s come out in 2015 (or is worthy of the spotlight). There’s a lot of great gear, decent gear, and crappy gear. There are cool gadgets and gadgets that only look cool. Here’s the list of what we think’s worth consideration.

Dr. Scott Young provides an in-depth rundown of the benefits of in-ear monitors:

Some understand part of the technology but most do not realize what the technology actually accomplishes in the ear. Almost all of the tech companies who create In-Ear Monitors do not hire Audiologists. But the opposite problem occurs when most Audiologists around America don’t really understand what happens on stage for the musicians. It becomes the blind leading the blind, and the engineers building these devices don’t really understand what the problems are inside of the ear.

In a recent podcast episode, Jon Nicol runs down ten tech tools to help worship leaders and church techs:

In today’s podcast, I talk to you about the 10 tools (apps and such) that I love, and that make ministry easier/better.

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