You Can’t Rely On Emotion

Kevin West shares a story that reminds us that worship can not be dependent on our emotions:

On life’s journey we will find ourselves on mountain tops, valleys and everywhere in between. God has not promised us that life will go well or be easy. In fact, His Word often paints a picture of us suffering for His sake. Life can be brutal and if our worship of God depends on us feeling good at the time, then our worship of God will fluctuate with our feelings.

We can choose to worship or we can choose not to worship — but it’s our choice. Many times we mistake worship as an emotion that drives us to sing. Worship can definitely involve emotions, but emotions are not necessary. In fact, they may actually hinder us from worshiping God. I believe some of the worship that pleases God most is when we can find our song in the middle of the storm.

Don’t let the way you feel dictate the way you worship. Switch it around.

Read Kevin’s full post here. Great story, and a good reminder.

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