Your Worship Defines Your Church

Daryl Cornett on what defines and drives a congregation:

Any church is greatly defined by it’s corporate worship time. The church may have wonderful ministries that touch its community and focus on making disciples, but typically it’s most frequent activity with the most participation is the Sunday morning gathering. Frankly, this is what most people think of, if they think of church at all. They think of that hour or so on Sunday morning when people get together in the church house, store front, or auditorium and have a meeting – typically involving some mixture of praying, singing, giving, observing the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s Supper and listening to the preacher…

So, what is a the very heart of the worship of God? Well, it’s not what we usually want to talk about…

Daryl provides some informative descriptions of what it looks like when a church is invested in true worship.

Check out the whole post here. It’s part one, and I’m looking forward to reading part two.

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