Your Worship Team Is Bigger Than You Think

Adam Davidson reminds us that your worship team is made up of more than musicians, singers, and technicians:

The parking lot team has a job, and it’s to show you where to park your car and help you find your way inside for worship. The coffee team gets there early and brews a holy brew for people to wake up to. Greeters and ushers are specially trained in the fine art of bulletin distribution. God gives gifts and passions, calling people in the church of all ages to step up and fill a needed role, which is part of what makes the church so wonderfully unique. We’re especially thankful for the nursery workers who have the gift of diaper management.

Our worship team—musicians, technicians, and production-types—are just one of the many teams that function to support a worship gathering.

Everybody present on Sunday morning plays a role in the worship of the church. Click here Adam’s full post.

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