Crowd-Sourced Worship

There’s last minute planning, and then there’s forgetting to plan. Here’s an interesting alternative to both.

Rebekah Simon-Peter writes:

I discovered crowd-sourced worship the hard way. In my typical fire-ready-aim fashion, I had forgotten to plan details of a closing worship service. Here it was, the last day of our 3-day retreat. Everything else had gone really well; the group had bonded, transformations had taken place; the Spirit had moved. Would it fall flat on its face because I had forgotten this all-important detail?

I knew we would have Holy Communion, and that’s about it. As the group of eight church leaders sat in the loose circle that would be our closing worship, a moment of clarity came. Liturgy means work of the people. If the worship service were highly scripted, it wouldn’t be the work of this people. A pre-printed liturgy would be an oxymoron… The worship service unfolded through us. It was surprisingly satisfying.

She goes on to describe how to use a crowd-sourced format for worship, as well as some of the pluses and minuses involved. Very interesting post! Check out the whole thing here.

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