Five Tips For Leading A Small Team

I’ve led teams as large as the stage could hold, and I’ve led teams of just me and one other person. Each has its own challenges, to be sure, but leading a small worship team can be discouraging.

David Santistevan shares five things to do when you’re leading a small church worship team:

Leading a small team can be the result of lazy leadership – you don’t recruit, you don’t take the time it takes to grow it. But I’m not talking about that. That’s for another blog post. Sometimes it has to do with where your church is located. Or the size of your church. Or some other dynamics we can’t even see.

And I want to encourage you today, small church worship leader, to lift your head high and rise up to the next level.

Great encouragement – and practical tips – for the small church worship leader. Check it out here.

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