Growing Together As A Worship Team

Amanda Furbeck addresses a question that I’m sure many worship leaders struggle with:

I think that in an ideal world, the worship team would be comprised of spiritual giants, those that make my faith journey look new and immature, as it probably is. But the reality of our worship teams is that we probably have a few spiritually mature Christians, a few who may never have accepted Jesus into their hearts, and the rest are somewhere in between – maybe they believe in Christ, but who couldn’t grow deeper and fall farther in love with Him? So how do we grow spiritually as a worship team?

It’s a great question, and Amanda lists eight things you can do to encourage your worship team to grow spiritually together. These are practical, “feet on the ground” things that aren’t hard to accomplish, and they may just take your team to the next level. Check out Amanda’s full post here.

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