Local Worship Songwriting: Why & How

Ryan Savage on the benefits, challenges, and practicalities of writing worship music in the local church:

Writing music is always a tricky subject in the church world. For many musicians there is barrier or stigma to the whole endeavor that often leaves the uninitiated at a loss for where to begin. For many musicians, this becomes insurmountable and they never try. For others, there are the beginnings of songs that never find completion, and never see the light of day. Writing music is an art form, and it takes loads of creativity and brain power.

That doesn’t mean those of us who feel stunted in these areas should not write. In fact, I believe the opposite is true. When we stretch our creativity, and painfully so at times, it stretches us in ways that go beyond just music. More than this, our personal expression of worship is important to our hearts. I believe writing music to God is an imperative exercise for the worship leader, and oftentimes for our local congregations. Here are a few things to think about when beginning the process of writing for your church.

Does your church sing any of its own original music?

Ryan shares some excellent tips and information on local church songwriting. Read the whole thing here.

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