Pastors, Worship Leaders, And Segues

Randy Vader on the importance of a smooth transition between the musical worship and the teaching time:

Some time ago, I was in a service and the worship pastor was at the piano singing, “I Need Thee Every Hour.” The room was still. The tenderness and transparent heart of the leader was so evident. Toward the end of the song, the senior pastor, with not a little furrow in his brow, walked up to and around the piano and stared at the singer. When the song was over, the pastor made no comment at all, except to say, “Now, turn in your Bible to the book of Revelation.” I could not believe it. There was no segue at all from testimony to sacred text, no connecting from one thing to the next. Now this might not be a fatal flaw, however, it was certainly insensitive to the moment—and frankly, it was poor manners.

So, you might ask me, “What would you have done if you were the pastor?”

How would you have handled it? Randy offers a great suggestion. The whole story underlines how important it is for the teaching pastor and worship leader to work together on a cohesive service. It’s better for everyone. Read the whole post here.

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