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Bethel Music is known for their passionate worship songs filled with talented vocals and powerful lyrics. Recently, Bethel released a kid’s worship album called Come Alive. Come Alive contains popular songs such as: “One Thing,” “You Make Me Brave,” and “This Is Amazing Grace.”


Bethel Music Kids offers listeners an energetic renditions of worship songs that are known and loved by many Bethel Music fans. If you’re a fan of traditional Bethel Music and you have kids, this CD would be perfect for you. It allows your kids to listen to good, wholesome worship songs but in a tempo and feel that they would enjoy. The songs are remixed with an exciting techno sound.

The positive message in each song along with the more upbeat and modern vibe to each song allows for kids to want to sing and dance along. Bethel Music Kids version of “One Thing” offers an exciting and fun feel to it with a child voice singing the lyrics of the well-known Bethel Music song.

Talented children sing the vocals whether it is a lead part of an adjoining chorus of kids singing praises to the Lord. The Bethel Music Kids’ vocals are no less impressive than the regular worship leaders that sing with Bethel Music.

If you are looking for quality, fun worship music for your family to listen to, then this would be a great CD for you. Videos of the songs are available to watch on Bethel Music YouTube page.

Come Alive is available at Amazon and iTunes.

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