Rock Music Before Lunch?

Great post by Mike O’Brien on why it can be so hard for a worship team to pull off “fast songs” during the Sunday service:

Dear Pastor,

I get it. You want an engaging and energetic service. You don’t want to ignore the pain and depression of this world, but you don’t want to contribute to it. Musical worship takes up a significant portion of our services and sets the pace. When the Church gathers, those that are leading worship should be hopeful and expectant…

Here is the thing. Lean in. This. Is. Important. The church is the ONLY place on planet earth that rock-n-roll is played before noon on a Sunday! It has unique challenges for worship leaders. We need your help and understanding.

Mike lists three reasons why your worship team might struggle with playing fast songs on Sunday morning. He also offers some solutions for pastors and worship leaders to work together on uptempo selections.

Read Mike’s full post here.

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