Searching For The Contemporary Canon

Chris Marchand wrote an insightful post about what the church will be singing a century from now:

Every time I go to select the music my church will sing during worship there is one simple question lurking behind every decision:

I wonder if people will still be singing this song in a hundred years?

Because really, when I think about all the songs I could possibly choose from, there are so, so many that I sang in my church growing up 10-20 years ago that simply are not sung anymore, in any church, anywhere. There are lists upon lists of songs that worship leaders nowadays cringe at, either because of “cheesy”, “outdated” music, or shallow, clunky lyrics…

This situation strikes me as a huge problem for church music leaders and the congregations singing our songs. With contemporary worship music are we merely creating disposable music, music written only to be gotten rid of when its use is no longer of value to us?

In this era of seemingly disposable worship music, there are some good things to think about here. Check out the whole post. Really good read.

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