Seven Reasons The Service Can Go Wrong

Tinashe Nyamukapa reminds us that even with the best intentions (and great music), our services can go terribly wrong. And he’s not talking about technical problems – he’s talking about a church service that fails to honor God.

He writes:

The ark was supposed to be carried on the shoulders of the levites. Its either David was not reading his word or something. There was something terribly wrong here. This was written as an example for us so that we don’t fall in the same trap. Unfortunately many churches are not doing their worship based on what the word says and it’s doing a lot of harm. I have been in services where we play before the Lord with all our might but his manifest presence will not be there and at times we remove people from the presence of God instead of drawing them closer to God. Let’s take a quick look at how this might happen…

Tinashe goes on to list seven habits that hinder our times of worship. Check it out here.

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