Small Church Worship Myths

The size of a church doesn’t always indicate its health. But a smaller church does present some unique challenges to worship ministry.

Jon Nicol writes:

“Small churches are small because they’re doing something wrong.” That’s what a pastor told one of my Bible college classmates during his ministry internship. As my classmate repeated this to the other students, I secretly thought, “That sounds about right.”

Two years later I was serving in a church of 60 people and discovering that big and small don’t necessarily translate to right and wrong…

Looking back at my time spent in small churches, I recognize several lies that I believed about corporate worship. And as I coach with smaller church worship leaders, I see many of them being frustrated by these same myths.

I’ve wrestled with some of these small church worship myths as well. This one especially:

Myth #2: We need to use contemporary worship music.
Instead of thinking contemporary music, think contextual music. That is, what works in your context? Think both about the people that are there and the ones you are trying to reach. Those might be two different groups. But there might be a common ground.

If you live in a region where bluegrass music is popular, why not infuse some of that into your worship. You may personally enjoy the sound of Hillsong Young & Free, but is that going to resonate with your congregation and community?

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