Stop Being So Pastoral?

From Ruth Wilkinson (via her husband Paul), a sad story about church leadership gone awry:

The next Sunday, I was scheduled to lead worship. I chose songs that were familiar and simple, songs that spoke only of who God is and always had been and avoided “I will worship you” and “Thank you” types of lyrics.

On the platform, in my allotted one minute of speech, I said that a terrible thing had happened last week. That a lot of us were still hurting and questioning and angry. That it can be difficult to sing praises at a time like this, out of our woundedness. But that God was still God and though we don’t understand, we can trust him.

And we sang.

The next day, I got an email. From the (P)astor. Telling me off.

Apparently I had crossed a line. I’d been “too pastoral”.

As I told Paul, I’d like say that I can’t believe this story, but sadly I have no trouble at all believing it. Read Ruth’s whole story here.

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