Stop Saying These Things

Oh, the clap offering. I simultaneously chuckle and shudder as I think back on all the times I’ve heard about giving the Lord a clap offering. I guess “cringe” is the word.

Dr. Craig Gilbert shares ten cringe-worthy things that worship leaders should probably just stop saying:

In an effort to shed some light on these common sayings I asked a group of worship leaders from around the country, across denominational lines, to offer up things that they wish we would all reconsider, rethink, reword, or even just drop, from our worship leading vernacular. As I list these, I hope that you will listen with an open mind. Ask yourself if any of these apply to you and if you could benefit from a new direction in your verbal leading. Remember, these come from your peers reviewing us all, including themselves.

And yes, the clap offering is on the list. But there are others as well, and this list serves as a good way to check and make sure that your language as a worship leader hasn’t become lazy or overly cliched. Check it out here.

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