That Awkward Moment When…

Jed Smith shares a couple of the awkward moments that all worship leaders have at some point:

But we didn’t play the intro as well as we did in practice. The drummer came in confidently, while the keyboard player and the bass player were a little hesitant. It was the first song of the first service so maybe there were nerves to work out. The electric guitar was nowhere to be heard, but it’s an acoustic based song so that didn’t ring any alarms.

We start the verse and my vocals weren’t as strong as they sometimes are. That happens. I’m really not the best vocalist and sometimes I have off days.

Then I see it. Out of the corner of my left eye. My Kaiser spring-loaded capo. The capo was on the fourth fret. Why was it on the fourth fret? Why would I ever put it on the fourth fret?


Read Jed’s full post here. Guaranteed to either bring back some memories… or prepare you for the future.

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