The Acoustic/Electric Switch

I recently joined a new worship team. I normally play acoustic guitar, but the team already has someone filling that role, so I figured I’d just switch over to my electric. But I didn’t expect how different the roles of acoustic and electric guitars on a worship team can be.

Ryan Savage shares some tips for the worship leader making the switch from the acoustic to the electric guitar:

I was never a guitarist in a band. I just became the defect worship leader. I have always led, and so I never saw the need for the electric guitar to become my instrument.

Alas, worship music has changed. There are many more songs that require a great deal of electric guitar then they used to. While this does not mean the acoustic guitar is not needed, but unless you have a large band with a few electric guitarists, the electric guitar is becoming a bigger need for a leader to know.

Here are a few tips I learned in the past year of making the switch from acoustic to electric.

Ryan touches on guitars, amp, and effect. Definitely worth a read if you’re making the switch or thinking about it. Check it out here.

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