The Katy Perry Rule

Jed Smith on musical genres, musical signatures, and the sound of modern worship music:

Every musical genre has musical “signatures” to help us recognize a song as a certain genre. As one example, blues will regularly flatten the 5th note of the scale and bounce between a major and minor 3rd.

If you didn’t understand that, don’t worry about it. While I might get a little technical in the blog post, you won’t need a deep understanding of music theory to understand the concept we’ll discuss.

There is one musical concept prevalent in a lot of “modern” music throughout the genres. Because of time, I will only give a few examples, but once you start to hear it you will notice it everywhere. The genre that sticks to this concept the most religiously (pun intended) is contemporary Praise & Worship.

Don’t let the Katy Perry reference throw you. There’s some great info here on how to craft music for the church. Read the whole thing here.

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