The Unchained Worship Leader

Rich Kirkpatrick explains how your church can set your worship leader free to lead:

Each week, worship leaders will be in front of believers gathering all over the United States with the goal of serving their congregations in inspiring and powerful ministry of music. In order to serve well as a leader of worship and music, work has to be done to gain a better understanding of the culture of the church, vision of the pastor, and strategies to leverage the talents of the worship team in place. Multitasking as a communicator, manager, musical director, and pastor require both a solid structure as well as freedom to execute the worship leader roleā€”or in reality, there are many roles or hats to be worn.

The following are 10 ways you as the manager or leader of the worship pastor can free them up to be successful. You can have both competence in delivery as well as have spiritually impacting experiences for your congregation.

Rich shares ten things that pastors and church leaders can do to set up the worship pastor to lead well. Check out the whole list here.

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