Toward Team Planning

I remember trying worship planning in a team setting years ago at my old church. One guy was there specifically because he wanted to change the church’s worship style to be more traditional. Another guy just wanted to make sure he was scheduled for plenty of solos. And I was too young – and probably too stupid – to lead a group that like with any success. Needless to say, it didn’t go well. We only got through two or three meetings before I just went back to planning everything on my own.

But I still think team planning is a great idea, and I want to try it again soon now that I’m in a different environment and I have some more experience.

Emily Barlow shares some wisdom on getting together to plan worship collaboratively:

The worship services we plan have to be completely portable since we meet in a rented space. Our style is intentionally non-traditional. We have a lot of freedom regarding use of space, and though we follow the same basic template each week, we often incorporate service elements that are particular to a sermon or a series of sermons. But we believe that no matter your setting, traditional or not, in a sanctuary or an auditorium, that planning as team can help you share the responsibility and privilege of worship planning as well as create ownership over the service for your staff or volunteers.

We gather our “Worship Planning Team” for a two to three hour meeting every four to six weeks. Here are five first steps we’ve developed in our meetings that make worship planning as a team work.

Emily shares five things you can do to ensure a smooth time of worship planning as a team. Check it out here.

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