What Does Excellence Mean?

Josh Martin says we need to put fear of judgement aside and talk about excellence in worship:

It’s like we want Christian stuff to be good, but not that good.

I remember seeing an interview with the guy who designs and runs lights for Hillsong. The interviewer asked him how he took criticism when people called his light work “too showy”. In the humblest tone he responded, “At the end of the day, I’m a follower of Christ, and I happen to love lights and He’s gifted me to be really good at lights. So, as an act of worship, I’m going to offer Jesus my best when I do what I do. I’ve never thought of it being showy, I just think about it as my act of worship.”

Can you imagine telling a preacher, “Hey man, your preaching is getting a little too good, can you dial it back?” Seems crazy.

But the question remains, what is excellence in corporate worship?

Josh offers four considerations of excellence in regard to worship. Very interesting read. Check it out here.

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