Worship Conference Withdrawal

LaCreasha RuffinEditor’s Note: This is a guest post from our friend LaCreasha Ruffin. You can follow LaCreasha on Twitter at @Compelling_Cree or check out her website here. Many thanks to LaCreasha for sharing this post with us!

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why can’t I have this type of worship experience at my church?” More than likely, you felt like this right after you came home from one of the most powerful worship conferences you’ve ever been to, right? I know this feeling all too well. This happened to me when I went to Deeper Unconference in 2015. It was by far, the most thrilling, Goosebump-type of worship I’ve ever experienced. It was phenomenal! So upon returning to my home church, I began searching for ways to implement the actions I saw at the conference. Did it actually work? Mmm… no. It did not stand a chance. As much as I tried to explain how awesome, powerful, and exponentially charged the atmosphere at the conference was, it never really hit home with the members of my team. So, with that being said, why is it that we cannot seem to replicate the worship that we experience at these worship gatherings and conferences? Well, don’t get discouraged. Here are a few reasons that should calm your heart and take the edge off of your withdrawal.

1.) Expectancy is at an all-time high at worship conferences.

The attendees of worship conferences are on fire, excited, and about to burst when they get through those doors. Expectancy has the highest ROI when it comes to spiritual growth. When you expect Jesus to show up, guess what? He shows up, and He shows up big time! Nothing makes our God more ready to move than those who are looking and seeking after Him. Expectancy is nothing more the faith, and faith is what pleases God!

2.) The worship conference has been under serious planning and development.

Listen, you probably shelled out a hundred or more dollars to attend this conference. Your money combined with the hundreds or thousands of others can make for the show of a lifetime. Besides, these conference organizers want you to come back next year. They cannot afford but to wow you! Your current situation at your church is very different. You may not be able to afford Chris Tomlin or Tasha Cobbs to come to perform. Remember that conferences are bringing their A-game. The best musicians, worship leaders, speakers, and lighting money can buy.

3.) The people, who go to worship conferences, are just like you: lovers of worship!

The people who attend worship conferences are like professional worshipers. Not your typical Sunday church members. You don’t have to work up a Holy Ghost lather to get people to stand, sing, shout, and lift their hands. They study about worship. They drink, sleep, and eat worship ministry, so when we all get together, well, it’s like attending an NBA game! It’s loud. It’s wild, and it’s supernatural!! It is probably the closest you will ever get to the worship atmosphere in Heaven. Your church, as bad as it may sound, is more like, well… a golf game. You don’t get too much celebration, and the fans are only observers instead of participants.

So, in closing, no worship experience is perfect because we all are imperfect people, but the good news is that God is in the midst of our praise! Whether you have 2 or 2000 people, He is standing amongst us, singing with us, and if He is the only one there, then my friends, He is all you need! Continue to press forward! Continue to make His praise glorious with what you have! Jesus is more than enough!

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