Worshiping Through The Hurt

LaCreasha Ruffin shares what to do when it’s time to lead worship in a church that’s hurt you:

I can remember many Sundays asking God the question, “How can I minister to others while I’m in so much pain.” Church hurt is probably one of the most painful emotional states to be in, and one of the reasons I feel that I can write about this is because I have experienced it myself. My main issue was giving too much of myself. I thought if I made people happy, that everything would be okay. It’s typical to think that just because you serve in a church that people are always going to be kind, compliant, and Christianly at all times, but that is not the case. We all have problems and imperfections, and although I have the inclinations of being a people-pleaser, I am not a weakling. In fact, if you’re drowning in the rough waters of “church-hurt,” believe me, you are stronger than most. Here are a few tips that helped me reach to the surface, breathe again, and land on the shores of solid ground.

She lists three practices to remember when you feel like you’re too wounded to lead worship. Read the whole thing here. Good stuff.

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