A Worship Planning Process

Marc Brown describes his thought process behind selecting songs for corporate worship:

Have you ever wondered how a Worship Pastor/Minister of Music plans worship? Do evangelical Worship Pastors really start with a blank slate, relying on the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit to generate genuinely fresh approaches to worship every week? Or, through our habits, do we create our very own version of a liturgy? While I can’t vouch for the entirety of the evangelical worship planning world, my experiences and observations lead me to believe conditions are much closer to the latter. I believe congregational worship has a natural tendency to settle into its own liturgy, a word that just means “work of the people”, so shouldn’t those of us serving in free-church evangelical settings think deeply about the “liturgy” into which we settle? After all, we have a choice. Since I have been asked more than a few times to describe my personal process, here goes…

It’s an interesting look at the ways in which planning a worship service go far beyond just picking songs. Check it out here.

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