At The Feet Of Jesus

Pamela Haddix reflects on Mary of Bethany and what we can learn about worship from her:

We only run into Mary of Bethany (Martha and Lazarus’ sister) a few times in the Bible. And interestingly enough, every single time she’s mentioned, she’s in the exact same place. And I firmly believe it’s that place that compelled her worship.

So before we talk about Mary’s worship, we need to look at what got her there. Because worship doesn’t just happen.

I had never really noticed how often she’s depicted as being at the feet of Jesus, but it’s a great insight into someone with a true heart for worship. Read the whole post here.

One thought on “At The Feet Of Jesus”

  1. Brad, I honestly hadn’t noticed it either before a couple of weeks ago. I was preparing for this post, and it suddenly just flew off the pages at me. Feet – feet – feet! Love how God does that. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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