Be An Awesome Worship Guitarist

Chris Davis shares a great list of tips on how to be a really effective worship guitarist. It’s not just about pedals and swells and dotted eighth delays. It’s about contributing to the team and congregation.

Here’s a sample tip:

Do your homework before you go to worship rehearsal. Make sure you know your specific parts and tones when you show up. This is common rehearsal etiquette, but I am always surprised by the number of guitar players who think worship rehearsal is the appropriate time to learn the song. Don’t be that guy. Show up prepared. As you grow in your skill, the time needed to prepare will become less and less. However, this may take a major investment of time in the beginning.

Here’s a tip on the value of silence:

Silence is golden. Sometimes the best guitar part you can play is no part at all. Many guitarists feel like they have to be playing all the time. This should not be so. In the Mid-Cities Worship song, “Closer,” the electric guitar part (aside from some random swells) does not even start until almost three minutes into the song!

Also, “be quiet” could apply to playing during rehearsal moments. Don’t noodle on your instrument while people are working out parts, talking, etc. This is bad rehearsal etiquette and is quite honestly just annoying.

If you play guitar for worship, you need to check out this list of tips here.

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