Five Essentials For Planning Worship

Amanda Furbeck on CCM, congregational worship, and the differences between them:

And to be completely honest, it is not the job of the Contemporary Christian music movement to provide worship songs for congregations to sing. Oh, it’s great when there are songs that easily cross over from CCM to worship service.It makes teaching the congregation a new song that much easeir when they’ve already heard it on the radio. But not every song can serve both purposes well, and it is the worship leader’s responsibility to know the difference.

I get it, Worship Leader. Like me, you’re busy. Like me, you work more than one job. Like me, you have a family that needs a lot of attention. Like me, you love music, you love your congregation, you love Jesus, and you strive to do an awesome job at helping others to worship. But you can’t just pick any old song onthe radio that falls under CCM, can you?

Amanda lists five critical aspects of congregational worship songs. Well worth reading. Check it out here.

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