How Much Should A Part-Time Worship Leader Be Paid?

Pat Boylan examines the role of a part time worship leader, and how much pay the position warrants:

Many smaller churches only have the payroll to pay a few people and the pastors workload is enormous.

It may be time to evaluate what you want to do versus what you can do. This may seem contrary to moving forward in faith but I would encourage those in decision-making positions to pray about having key members of a ministry team do what they do only through volunteerism.

If you have never led worship you may think there’s not a lot to do other than play songs on a Sunday service but remember what it is you are really asking of this person to do and consider the number of hours it takes to be a “part-time” worship leader.

This post really digs into the many responsibilities of a part time worship leader and what compensation for that job could look like. Good info for any church thinking of making the worship leader a paid position. Check it out here.

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