How Often Is Too Often?

One question many worship leaders wrestle with is how often to schedule the same song. I’ve worked with teams who don’t have a problem scheduling the same song over and over, and I’ve worked with teams who refuse to repeat a given song more than two or three times per year.

Kade Young shares his perspective on it:

When it comes time to plan the upcoming set list, I bet you spend time wondering if it is too soon to schedule the same song again…I mean, it has only been two weeks since the last time it was scheduled. To tell you the truth, I struggle with the same thought almost every week.

I was talking with a fellow worship leader a few days ago about this very subject. We were about to lead a night of worship together and were discussing whether or not to play the opener song again at the end. We decided to do just that and it turned out really well. The congregation engaged just as much (if not more) the second time we played the song…

So, this got me thinking…we as worship leaders tend to overthink how often we play a specific song.

What do you think? How soon after using a song can you place into the service again?

Read Kade’s full post here. I really like the answer he arrived at.

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