The Audition Process

Magoo Del Mundo takes a look at the process of worship team auditions:

A standard practice done is to hold open auditions wherein interested individuals come and play or sing one song of their choosing and one audition piece. The individual is then assessed based on their performance and delivery. In the event that the person auditioning (is auditioneer even a word?!) makes the benchmark, they are usually integrated into a team. In some cases (as arbitrarily determined by skill level shown), the new member may be asked to attend a few rehearsals first to “check commitment” and to “observe” how things are done. Some of the bigger churches require you to be a member of a small group or have a church approved mentor before even auditioning.

And that’s great, because it has worked and continues to work.

However, in my time at the previous church where I worked, I handled the auditions a bit differently.

He describes his own audition process, which is a lot more involved and intentional. You should read the whole thing here. Very interesting post.

What kind of process does your church have in place for worship team auditions?

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