The Feels

Worship should be an emotional experience, but it can’t be purely emotional. When our worship completely depends on our emotions, we’re headed for danger.

Cliff Lambert writes:

So what happens when we DO get the “feels” in worship? We have an experience where we know we’ve met with God. We know we’ve been changed. But then Monday hits and somehow we’ve lost that feeling. The change we thought happened on Sunday isn’t there anymore and we struggle to keep our faith strong.

When we strive for an an emotional experience in worship, it keeps us needing the next one for our faith to remain strong; like an addiction to a drug that gives you a feeling of elation for a time and then wears off leaving you needing more. Worship turns into a roller coaster ride of shallow faith. There’s nothing rooting us to weather the good and the bad.

But what if the reason we don’t “feel it” in worship is more about us than how the worship leaders led?

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