The Hillsong Channel

Well, here’s an interesting development in the worship music community:

Global Christian broadcast leader TBN has announced that it is partnering with Hillsong Church, the world’s leading creator of inspirational, life-changing praise and worship music, in the June 15th launch of an innovative addition to faith-and-family television, the Hillsong Channel. The 24-hour network — with a planned distribution footprint including broadcast, cable, and nearly a dozen satellites around the world — will combine the best in cutting-edge worship from the most gifted singers, songwriters, and musicians, with dynamic ministry from internationally acclaimed pastors and teachers.

There are still some details yet to be announced, but click here to read the rest of the story.

It’s a testament to how big an industry worship music has become. As to whether that’s good or bad, I’ll leave it up for discussion. Would you watch The Hillsong Channel?

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