Three Easy Ways To Mess Up Worship

Did you ever read some of the really detailed Old Testament passages and wonder how it applies to the modern church? Instructions on how to set up the tabernacle, how to sew the curtains, and when to offer which sacrifices… it all seems a bit overwhelming, but we can learn a lot about worship from some of those Old Testament scriptures.

Joshua Reich takes a look at Leviticus and sees some lessons for how we approach worship:

I was reading through Leviticus chapters 1 – 7 the other day, which cover the offerings and sacrifices the nation of Israel were to make to God. The specific laws: the kinds of animals, which side of the altar, which door they were supposed to enter from, who was supposed to kill the animal, who was to throw blood on the altar, what to wear, and it went on and on.

This can seem like one of those what’s-the-point moments in the Bible. Why did they record all these details for things we don’t do anymore? Is it just a foreshadowing of Jesus or to let us know the history of God’s people? It can also get kind of monotonous reading about another sacrifice.

Yet, I was struck by the details. And I don’t think God was trying to be difficult or give them a whole host of hoops to jump through simply to have hoops.

Joshua lists three really easy things we often do that pulls our worship off-target. Check it out here.

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