Top Five Posts From February 2016

Here are the top five most-read posts from Worship Links for the month of February, if you’ll forgive the shameless self-promotion on my part. 🙂

Cut It Out, Worship Leader


Chris Creech thinks you have bad habits. Not you personally, but worship leaders in general. And he sees these bad habits affecting our leadership and ministries. Chris shares three things that worship leaders need to quit.

Interview: Worship Leader LaCreasha Ruffin


Wow, well I would emphasize that worship is easy but leading people is the challenge. I feel that most worship leaders’ hearts are in the right place, but you must develop your character in order to lead God’s people. Luckily, God is wonderful at taking over that responsibility. He will mold you into the leader you need to be. Sometimes the journey is painful, but you must let patience have her perfect work.

Interview: Worship Leader Mal Smith


Worship leading is never about a performance. Worship leading is about enjoying the presence of Christ, and welcoming His presence. Learning to love His presence during the week (Monday – Saturday) is the key to good worship leading on Sunday. (see The Practice of The Presence of Christ, by Brother Lawrence).

Hindering Worship


Josh Martin shares some of the ways that our leadership (or lack thereof) can take away from our church’s worship experience. He lists five things worship leaders all too often do that hinder our worship.

Stop Saying These Things


Oh, the clap offering. I simultaneously chuckle and shudder as I think back on all the times I’ve heard about giving the Lord a clap offering. I guess “cringe” is the word. Dr. Craig Gilbert shares ten cringe-worthy things that worship leaders should probably just stop saying.

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