Worship Planning Rhythms

Truth be told, many of us can knock out a pretty functional worship set without much effort. But that doesn’t mean we should.

Jarryd Foreman writes:

If we’re honest, many of us can throw songs together for a service, with no problem. Even more profound is that most of us can pull off a great set on the spot, complete with seamless transitions and excellent leadership.

But are we missing something when we don’t labor each week over the liturgy that our people sing and respond with in worship? As worship leaders we have the tremendous responsibility to not only sing the praises of God but to shepherd our people to behold the glory of God…

So what are some practical ways we can accomplish this so that our weekly worship planning is not mundane but done with intentionality and excellence?

He shares three rhythms to incorporate into our worship planning to keep things focused on God. Read the whole thing here.

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