Worship Tech Roundup

Worship Tech Roundup

As usual, this week I’ve come across a ton of great posts about the technical aspects of worship ministry. I didn’t have time to put each one into its own post, but I wanted to share them with you.

So here’s a collection of tech-related worship posts. Remember, these are just excerpts, but I strongly encourage you to click through and read each post in its entirety.

Nils Smith provides some tips for church podcasting, delivered, appropriately enough, as a podcast:

This week on the podcast Jay and I discuss basic tips for churches on how to podcast well.

Ben Coleman teaches you how to create a viable master plan for your church tech equipment:

It’s safe to say production gear replacement is one of the more costly components of any church budget. Aside from building and grounds maintenance, it represents high-dollar components that must be planned for in advance. Whether it’s an emergency that happens out of the blue or a known upgrade, the reality, for most churches, is that it doesn’t come easy. Let’s consider two facets of planning that will provide the means for an effective and safe-guarded operation.

Some thoughts on worship services and volume levels:

Hearing complaints that a church service is too loud? Or not strong enough?…How much volume is really needed in order for a church service to be effective?

Christian Media Mag rounds up five Easter videos worth checking out:

Easter will be here before you know it. A lot of churches and ministries have had their Easter programs planned since last year. But there are probably a lot of you who haven’t quite finished the planning; or something fell through and you’re looking for a last-minute video for your Easter event or Sunday school class. Christian Media Magazine has rounded up five Easter video resources that you can use.

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