Autism Awareness And Corporate Worship

I’m a special needs dad. Among my son’s many diagnoses is autism. Having autism doesn’t mean he can’t worship, but it does call for some accommodations.

Since this is Autism Awareness Month, I wanted to share this piece by Barbara Newman about autism, patterns, and worship:

Many people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) find joy, security, and comfort in familiar patterns. As we notice and delight in our brothers and sisters with ASD this month (April 2016 is Autism Awareness Month), it seems we can also take great delight in the perfect match that exists within many of our corporate worship patterns. Take an individual who delights in patterns, structure, and “sameness,” and you have a recipe for a joyful worshiper.

Barbara shares five things to keep in mind when designing an autism-inclusive worship space or service. Really interesting information. Check it out here.

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